The Game Of Battle Makes Its Debut In Casinos

In recent years, casinos have noticed and sounded the alarm on a real drop in frequentation and strong consistency from visitors. Between the laws which prohibit tobacco in gaming rooms, identity checks at the entrance of casinos etc …

Unfortunately, the facts are there! People no longer come and these restrictive prohibitions greatly disturb the population.

Casinos no longer know what to do to attract new visitors. Between the organization of new shows, VIP events and the setting up of several gourmet restaurants, nothing is going well… The numbers continue to drop.

Today, this is perhaps news that could amaze French casino operators and perhaps change the situation in order to change mentalities.

The Official Journal recently announced, last Saturday, a new decree amending the regulations on games. Casino operators will now be able to offer “ LaBataille ” in their gaming rooms . A very popular and very family game that has been around for many years.

Declared as a game of chance. No physical skill is required, no thinking and long decisions to be made. This game is all about luck.

Quite often, many players still do not understand the basic rules of Texas Holdem Poker, nor the rules of Blackjack. On these facts, the Ministry of the Interior has just modified the regulations in order to offer those who wish it a more flexible and childish style of casino game, easy to master and understand in order to offer the games to all.

A maximum number of 7 players may come to the table. Obviously, the rules will be somewhat different from those of the youth games that opposed your parents and grandparents during your childhood.

Example of a changing rule:

“ In the event of a tie, the player can decide to give up and lose half of his stake to the casino. Otherwise, he must raise with a bet equivalent to his initial bet and receives a new card from the dealer, who previously burned three cards. In case of victory, the player wins once his stake. 

By 2016, more new games have a good chance of being released. For the moment, this is an experimental test. According to several casinos in France. This change in casinos gives a real symbol of hope and evolution. The anger of the leaders was heard.

Note that online casinos will not be allowed to offer this kind of style of online gambling on the Internet. The physical casinos are the only ones concerned in this decree.

The turnover of French casinos has fallen by just over 20% since 2010. Radical changes were to be made. It seems that the cries of the operators of the casinos were heard by the Minister of the Interior “Manuel Valls”.

Do not forget ! These experiments make it possible to highlight a new style of play on a current growing generation. Nothing says the battle will stay in the gaming circles.

Remember also that the rules are based in order to give a certain and always winning value to the bank. It is the bank in terms of statistics that will always win!

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