Millions Lost In The Casino By A High Roller

Money can buy anything, it has a lot of influence on what you buy. A real estate businessman who made his fortune a few years ago spent much more time playing in casinos than working, ultimately losing up to $ 30 million. Originally from Australia, this man has sold apartments to luxury homes to use and burn his money in any way. Gambling was his favorite pastime. How can you be so rich and want to play to win so much when you already have everything? I asked myself the question ?!

A judge who called the Australian player one of the “Biggest High Rollers in the Country” lost in court to a big casino that did not want to reimburse him.

The greatest looser of times, Harry Kakavas was one of Australia’s best real estate sellers of all time. This man well known to the public world was also one of the greatest reputable players in Australia. He sometimes played $ 300,000 for a bet. He just lost in court and owes millions of dollars to his lawyers, bankers and friends. In his defense, he claimed he was addicted and couldn’t stop. But casinos and defense lawyers have formal proof that all the decisions they make were made by themselves. Conscious, rational and realistic of these movements.

“[…] Everything suggests that if Kakavas had been able to escape the seductions of the casino, he could have done so with ease. He could have excluded himself from the tables. He wasn’t addicted to any degree you might think he was. According to psychological tests, he was quite fanatic about the games and he had the urge not to stop in an attempt to bring down the bank. A responsible, courageous person with few resources would have stopped. ” One of the defense attorneys said.

The judge felt that the player had only himself to blame. According to testimonies from a police investigation, the police did not believe a word of his testimony. According to the information of the judge and the police officers who followed the investigation. Harry Kakavas bet and win the bet several times, but before losing everything. He raised a lot more to win and ultimately lose his first investment.

He was also banned from entering the casino in 2006 for spending $ 2 million in less than 40 minutes. Behavior that a gambling addict would never have done.

Kakavas believes that the gambling establishments could not stop his pathological urge to bet by taking a great advantage when all the circumstances and facts of his behavior indeed show a contradiction in his words. The man therefore did not get his money back.

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